Thanks to Stories,Instagram users can post more often. And not just perfectly staged andcommented photos, but also snapshots that are created quite casually. Storiesare also becoming more and more interesting for marketers - but how can youintegrate Instagram Stories into your own marketing strategy?  Download: 105 StylishInstagram Story & Post TemplatesAccording toInstagram, this function is intended to ensure that users who post veryfrequently do not have any problems. The "Stories" are displayed in aseparate section, and users can post as many photos in story format as theywant without flooding their friends' feeds or their own profile page.Post an InstagramStory: Step-by-Step GuideHere we go! We'll showyou how to create your first Instagram Story and also show you some coolfeatures.

Tap on the plus sign on the top left of your Instagram  screen. Here you can also seethe Instagram stories of your contacts. If you've already published a storywithin the last 24 hours, you'll see a circle around your profile picture here. Take a photo by tapping the round button or record a     video by holding it for up to 10 seconds.The flash iconactivates the flash, and the two arrow icon allows you to switch between thetwo cameras on your smartphone. Have you previouslymade a recording that you want to use? Then just swipe down and select thephoto or video of your choice. This can also be a boomerang or hyper-lapsevideo. Choose one of the three drawing tools to paint on your     photos. Add emojis using your keyboard or swipe right to apply a simple  color filter. 

Tip: The colors shown at the bottom of thescreen are just a small selection of those available to you. You can accessmore colors by pressing and holding any of the color circles. You will then seethis screen: When you are happy with your story, tap the tick icon     to share it with others.Your story will thenappear in your friends' feeds, as shown here. Tap on your profile picture tosee your story there too. Once your story islive, you can save it locally by simply opening the recording, tapping thethree dots at the bottom right, and selecting "Save Photo." If youhave a certain number of followers, you can also embed links in your story. Find out who viewed your story by swiping up on your     recording. By the way, you candecide for yourself who can see your posts. To do this, call up the settings(top right) via your profile. There you can control who can see your story andwho can reply to your posts. You can also see the interactions with yourInstagram story here and get an insight into the reach of your story. Also,find out who took screenshots of your story.Wait a moment! Doesn'tthat sound like Snapchat?In fact, you canalready see from the name that Snapchat is dealing with a new competitor here.Other similarities include photo/video functionality, auto-delete content after24 hours, filters, and drawing tools.Instagram Stories nowalso have a "Memories" feature like those available on Snapchat, aswell as filters, GIFs, and stickers.

When it comes to facial recognition,Instagram quickly emulated the pioneer Snapchat – one of the most popularSnapchat features ever! However, InstagramStories has one major advantage over Snapchat: as part of theFacebook/Instagram conglomerate, it's hard to get users to use the feature.Snapchat's 150 million daily active users pale in comparison to its 300 millionInstagrammers. In that sense, Snapchat has yet to prove itself — Instagram canrely on its existing user base.Instagram Stories forMarketersAside from yourexisting audience, you also have a better chance of being found on Instagram.You have to regularly promote Snapchat content on other channels – otherwise,it won't be seen. On Instagram, on the other hand, there are hashtags, geotags,and the "Discover" section that make it easy to be found with yourInstagram business account. It's easy to get lost with Snapchat content unlessyou know exactly what to look for.But are Instagram Storiesresonating with users?Every social networkhas its own character, and Instagram has traditionally been the go-to place forwell-edited content. Stories offer just the opposite: ephemeral snaps where thetypical Instagrammer might resent the lack of work involved.We're witnessing a newtrend here that emphasizes ephemeral content. Snapchat has done this, andInstagram has successfully followed suit. Instead of users having to work forhours to get the perfect photo, they now have the ability to create contentthat lasts only for a short time.No matter whichnetwork ultimately comes out on top, ephemeral content will be around for awhile. Or just not – as you can see. 

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